Gatekeeper Anti-Virus System

Gatekeeper, by Chris Johnson, is a program designed to continuously monitor the operation of your Macintosh, watching for operations that are commonly carried out by viruses as they try to propagate. When Gatekeeper detects an infection attempt it will automatically stop the attempt, almost before it's started.

Gatekeeper also includes the ability to automatically detect and remove certain particularly aggressive viruses. This is done continuously in an on-the-fly fashion which will never leaving you waiting for a scan to complete, unlike some of the commercial products of this kind.

Gatekeeper Requirements

Downloading Gatekeeper

Click here to download Gatekeeper 1.3.
Click here to download Disinfectant 3.6.

Gatekeeper Documentation

  • Gatekeeper Introduction
  • Installing Gatekeeper
  • Gatekeeper in Principle
  • Gatekeeper in Practice
  • Gatekeeper's Division of Labor
  • 1. General Section
  • 2. Help Section
  • 3. ON/OFF Section
  • 4. Settings Section
  • 5. Log Section
  • 6. Privileges Section
  • Postcards, Bug Reports, Etc.
  • Finding the Latest Version
  • Credits
  • Copyright (c)
  • Gatekeeper and NCSA Mosaic (Potential New FAQ Material)
  • Gatekeeper and System 7 Pro (Potential New FAQ Material)
  • [This area under construction -- more to come.]

  • Gatekeeper Mailing List

    The Gatekeeper mailing list is intended to bring information regarding the Gatekeeper Anti-Virus System for Macintosh to interested parties in a timely fashion. Traffic will be extremely low, consisting almost exclusively of update notices.

    Note: this list is moderated and is not intended to provide a forum for discussion. (After all, we have the comp.sys.mac news hierarchy for that already.)

    How To Subscribe

    In order to subscribe to this list, send email to:

    The subject line of the message is ignored; simply place the command:

        subscribe gatekeeper-news the first line of the body of your message. Then send the message. Everything will happen automatically from there. You will receive an automated reply from the list server confirming your subscription and providing details on unsubscribing, etc.

    Gatekeeper Postcards

    A very small sampling of the postcards received over the years from satisfied Gatekeeper users all over the world (I hope they were satisfied, anyway :-)).

    Chris W. Johnson